Raising Temperamentally Difficult Children

Loving your temperamental child comes naturally,
but liking him is often hard.


Is this your child?
  bullet  Temper tantrums
  bullet  Foul language
  bullet  Screaming
  bullet  Disruptive
  bullet  Unpredictable reactions
  bullet  Abusive behaviour
  bullet  Lack of flexibility

Are you at the end of your wits to find “the manual” to help your child behave?

Yes, children with explosive temperament are hard to parent, but
there is a way to enjoy your children and have a happier family life!

You can have...
  bullet   Less conflict
  bullet   Less screaming
  bullet   More complacence
  bullet   More cooperation
  bullet   Less punishment
  bullet   More discipline
  bullet   More loving connection

Aneta will help you to understand your child temperament and coach you to:
  bullet   Create positive interactions
  bullet   Establish new patterns
  bullet   Break the cycle of constant battling.

You will reclaim your parental leadership!
YOU will be in charge!

Get the support you need to establish workable routines and normalize the behaviour of easily frustrated, highly sensitive children.


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