Therapy and Coaching
     One-on-one with parent
     One-on-one with a child or adolescent.
     Family coaching
     Parent- adolescent mediation
     Individual sessions

Each session is personalized and designed to best fit the needs of everyone involved, therefore the structure, issues covered and format of each session may be different. Sessions may focus on a specific behaviour problem (i.e. abusive behaviour towards parents or siblings, cursing, hitting, biting, temper tantrums) or address general undesirable family patterns offering tools and guidance, or simply teach general family skills (i.e. how to relate to each other in respectful way, express feelings, ask for support and understand non-verbal codes in the family).

Parenting Groups offer
    Help to discover your parenting style
    Tools to deal with difficult situations

These on-going groups (max 10 people) will help identify and understand your unique parenting style; why you parent the way you do and how this affect your children. You will also gain tools that will assist you to reassess and if needed, to adjust your approach and help you to achieve the changes you desire.
In-Home Service
Sessions take place in the very heart of your family environment, your home. I come to your home, observe your family routine daily interactions and provide fast, practical and effective solutions that suite your specific circumstances.

Services offered in English, Hebrew and Polish

Your Benefits:

Effective Parenting!
Through counselling and coaching you will become skilled at using effective parenting strategies that will help you to improve your interactions while maintaining and increasing your child self- esteem and sense of belonging to the family.

Your different approach will elicit co-operation, respect, effective communication, and provide a win-win situation where all the members of the family feel valued and appreciated. No more mouthy teens, tantrum and tears. No more fights and verbal abuse and no more disrespectful kids and screaming parents.

No more out of control kids and… out of control parents.

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Counselling and Coaching Services

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