Supporting your child during separation

Coaching your Children to be Confident through aftershock of Divorce

Are you struggling to accept your new reality, build your future and cope with your feelings when worrying about your kids’ emotional health?

Are you wondering:
  bullet  Is my child struggling after separation or divorce?
  bullet  Is he acting up?
  bullet  Is she too obedient?
  bullet  Is he too quiet ?
  bullet  Is she acting like nothing changed in her life?
  bullet  Will she ever regain her sunny disposition?
  bullet  Is my friendly teenager ever going to reappear?

“Doing” life singlehanded when we were used to do it as a couple is confusing, difficult and exhausting. In these stressful situation children often feel unsecure, lost and lonely. It is hard for them to turn toward parent who is anxious and under a lot of stress. Children try to deal with their emotions by themselves and often act up, fail in school, behave rudely. And sometimes they are more obedient, more polite and more helpful than ever before.
Are you wondering if your child adjusted or just resigned himself to the situation he is not able to resolve?
Supporting your children with coaching during that difficult period will:
  bullet  Help your children to make sense of their new reality
  bullet  Normalize their experience
  bullet  Allow them to recover their emotional equilibrium faster
  bullet  Feel more secure and more in control
  bullet  Find words to explain their anger, pain, grief and often guilt
  bullet  Help your children to understand they are part of a CHANGED,
  bullet  not broken, family

Helping your children to move quicker out of emotional turmoil of today toward a calmer, more secure future will result in reducing their need to act up and help to recover their well being faster.

Do not wait for a sign of distress, act now!!

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