Child and Adolescent

Common issues I can help with include:
  Social Skills
   Life Skills
   Eating Disorders
   Self Destructive Behavior

  Peer Pressure
  Managing Emotions
   School Avoidance
   Anxiety and Fears

Assisting families struggling to manage their family life and the life of the child affected by ADD/ADHD.

Individuals with ADD/ADHD are often highly intelligent, creative and curious people. What makes their own life and their family life difficult is that they often lack the skills to solve the problems they encounter every day. Parents can learn how to give their child more effective ways to solve his problems than fighting, screaming, and hostility. Parents can help their child to learn the tools that will enable him/her to organize his life into manageable segments and handle his frustrations appropriately and on his own, without acting out.
Helping families of children affected by Learning Disability

Often children with learning disabilities have high intelligence and are still struggling in school and in social interactions, because the instructions in school are given in the way that is difficult for them to comprehend and social clues are hard to grasp.
It often results in an uncomfortable feeling of failure and alienation from the classmates. Parents can learn techniques to assist their children in making more sense of daily life and to be more effective in school and in social interactions.
Helping parents establish workable routines and normalize behaviour of easily frustrated, highly sensitive children.

For highly sensitive children it is often difficult to handle everyday frustrations, like: changing tasks, accepting "NO" as an answer, dealing with delayed gratification or accepting a change of plans. For these children it is important to develop necessary cognitive skills to handle everyday frustrations. It is essential as it will allow the child/ adolescent to master situations requiring flexibility and adaptability. Proper skills will allow the child to act according to social norms, to be more understood and more welcome with their peer group.
Facilitate families in transforming family life when living with challenges of teen-age rebellion, uncooperative or entitled adolescents.

Some children/adolescents display difficulty in following rules and behaving in a socially acceptable way, which often makes family life difficult. Parents can learn to formulate the proactive action plan and this will help to normalize family life and transform their dwelling once more to a warm home.

There is a way out, there is a way to break the vicious cycle and rediscover joyful and enjoyable family life.

Happy family is NOT a-coincidence

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